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Welcome to our Leadership Programs

The Executive and Senior Leadership Programs provided by the Swiss Leadership Academy take you on a journey to yourself and your personal leadership identity. You will explore how to build trust-based relationships with your employees and stakeholders and how to live inspirational leadership. The programs enable you to solve problems and to manage strategically and with resilience. The programs offer you unique, leading edge content, combined with complex cases, insightful assessment tools, exciting simulation games and challenging self-reflection exercises.
Attendees are equipped with “night-vision“ insights into leadership situations, learn how to apply advanced clinical psychological concepts and leadership methods, and are thus equipped with a competitive edge to succeed in significant roles in leading organizations.

The Programs are composed of the three pillars of leadership:

Personal Identity   Situational leadership   Business Education
Form your unique personal
leadership identity and
  Build trust-based relationships
live inspirational leadership
  Drive performance and delivery of the business