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At a Glance

Certificate Executive or Senior Leadership Program Certificate and Open Enrollment Course Certificate are awarded by the Swiss Leadership Academy in cooperation with the Client’s corporation
Degree specialization Depending on the Program or Open Enrollment Course chosen
Target group Senior executives or experienced and highly motivated managers, Human Resources managers, talents and experts from all industries with intellectual curiosity, a desire to learn and develop and a readiness to challenge themselves
Class size For the Programs a minimum of 15 participants are required; a Program is limited to maximum 36 participants; Courses have a minimum number of 10 participants
  • Buildup profound professional and social skills in leadership and management
  • Reflection of own leadership competence and individual further development
  • Know how to apply means and methods in day-to-day leadership tasks effectively
Program format
  • ELP: 3 modules of 3-4 days over 12 to 18 months (depending planning)
  • SLP: 4-6 modules of 3-4 days over 12 to 18 months (depending planning)
  • OEC: number of days depending course selection
  • Written work and reading between modules
  • On campus
Content Please refer to the respective Leadership Program Content to find a high-level description of the training content. Under Curriculum of the Senior Leadership Program you can find a possible structure by Module
Tuition fee The tuition fee includes faculty for the program or course days, all academic materials (cases, readings, simulations), webiste download of program material, online assessment tools and reports.
Return on Investment Our unique Leadership Programs and Open Enrollment Courses provide companies and individuals with an unparalleled return on investment. Unlike classical business school trainings that focuses mainly on “Manage” with little reference to “Influence Others”, the Swiss Leadership Academy combines these two dimensions with the unique and most important clinical content pillar “Lead Yourself” – and thus achieves a much higher change effect than many business school approaches. The key benefits for companies and individuals are that trained executives will be more effective, reflective and distinctive leaders.

Key Benefits for companies
  • Gain the latest knowledge on business education and leadership
  • Drive pro-actively the strategic success and performance of the business
  • Lead with self-confidence, inspiration and care in an international environment
  • Solve strategic challenges and drive implementation
  • Guide change and project processes
  • Communicate in a structured and direct way to stakeholder
  • Retain executives, senior managers and talents in your organization
Key Benefits for individuals
  • Participate in a top-tier clinical program at highly competitive value
  • Address your personal career development and leadership identity
  • Manage relationships at an individual, team and organizational level
  • Sustain a balanced, highly effective and reflective way of working and living
  • Share experiences with peers from the same company
  • Inspire and role-model in a leading organization