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Learning Methodology

The Leadership Programs offered by the Swiss Leadership Academy are unique. Unlike most business school programs, we teach transformational and not transactional – faculty is part of the community, inspire by example and go with the participant group through the whole program. It is about learning the content and techniques but also about learning from each other and thus create a „reflective space“ for participants to grow and develop on their personal leadership journey.

In order to reach this ambitious goal, we apply the following methodology:

  1. We apply a truly clinical approach
    • “Clinical” in this sense means “real-life” rather than “theoretical” knowledge and cases. We work with participants real values, their personal leadership ambition and “real-life” participant cases.
    • “Clinical” also in the sense that “the past is the lens through which we can understand the present and shape the future” – as psychoanalysts would formulate it. Having said this, nothing is more central to who we are than the way we express and regulate emotions – of ourselves, others, teams and even organizations.
    • With this “clinical” approach we step beyond the obvious, conscious awareness and tackle the subconscious and unknown of our identity.
  2. We create a truly risk-free environment with a reflective space
    • In our programs you are together with peers from the same company. You will network and learn from their experience and perception. Each day starts with a half-an-hour reflection time where participants can reconnect with each other and exchange their lessons learnt, impressions or issues.
    • Participants have to lead real-time leadership cases in a risk-free environment and receive immediate feedback from the team.
    • You will have time to reflect about your personal preferences (MBTI® and Insights Discovery®) as well as a comprehensive 360-degree-feedback instrument (KDVI®) and discuss outcomes with your assigned peer-coach.
    • You will have to write a two page “Personal Reflection Paper” after each module that you have to send back to the program director latest one week before the next module starts.
  3. Leadership and business education
    We teach you the common tools and frameworks to become a distinctive, international leader. The academic content of the program is delivered through a variety of traditional methods: lectures, discussion sessions, team work, leadership simulation exercises, cases and recommended reading.