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Open Enrollment Courses

In addition to Leadership Programs, the Swiss Leadership Academy offers Open Enrollment Courses (OEC) for companies. Content and dates can be arranged on a flexible and as-needed basis. Normally, these courses last several days and have 10 to 30 participants.

In order to provide you with an idea of the modules offered, we have listed some of them below. If you cannot find the module needed for your company, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to design a new course or tailor existing content to your specific needs.

  • Presentation and Communication (2)
  • Storylining in written Communication (3)
  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Coaching and Mentoring in Organizations (2)
  • Negotiation and Mindfulness (1.5)
  • Decision Taking and Overconfidence (1.5)
  • Project Management (4)
  • Change Management (3)
  • Innovation and Disruptive Change (2)
  • Sales Management and Client Orientation (3)
  • Modern Human Resources Management (2)
  • Strategic Management (3)
  • Risk Management (2)
  • Women in Business (1)
  • 50+ Leadership Generation (6)

(1...6) - numbers of course days

"The Leadership Programs and Open Enrollment Courses provide a cognitive business educationĀ andĀ a personal transformational journey that changes lives, careers and leadership behaviors. We will equip participants to become truly distinctive leaders in line with tomorrow's global business needs and requirements."

Gian A. Sondheimer
Global Program Director